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Commercials. 3D animation and advertising. Seliverstoff Studio proposes the creation of 3d animation. There are examples of character animation and animation of different objects.
2D animation, flash. Creation of 2d animation. Our Studio has extensive experience in creating cartoons and two-dimensional animation.
Infographics. Creation of video presentations and advertising. It is a new effective form of text delivery and graphic information.
3d reconstruction. Reconstruction of historical buildings, constructions, equipment as well as reconstruction of historical events for movies.
Interactive applications You can find here games and applications, Interactive applications for all types of mobile devices. Design and programming of applications are possible too.


Advertising of helicopter  

It is demonstration of the new Russian helicopter at the exhibition. Our work is: optimizing of 3D model of the helicopter, models in 3d animation, design, editing. Dubbing and titles of commercial are created in three versions: in Russian, English and German languages.


Corporate cartoon  

Cartoon, technology of 2d animation, made in record time! The full list of done Studio work: drawing backgrounds and environments, character animation, cartoon editing, casting of the actors for dubbing, postproduction, computer graphics, titles.


Presentation for the exhibition 

Production of advertising video in 3D technology. Purpose is the presentation for the exhibition. You can see example of creation of architectural objects, visualization, objects in animation 3D.


Animation Studio in Moscow 

Animation Studio in Moscow We do cartoons and commercials. We use 3D computer graphics and animation, 2D vector and flash animation in our work. All products of the Studio are made in the format of FullHD.

There is a full production cycle in our Studio: script writing, characters creating, creating of storyboards, character animation, editing, postproduction, music selection, dubbing.

Animation Studio Seliverstoff is engaged in visualization of any objects, creation of the presentations for exhibitions, corporate films, as well as creation of video infographics.

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